Fuck for Forest: filosofia eco-porno salveaza planeta

Doi ecologisti nordici strang bani din vanzarea materialelor pornografice pentru a salva padurile planetei. Cu mii de adepti in toata lumea, organizatia lor – Fuck for Forest – a derulat proiecte in Brazilia, Ecuador, Costa Rica si Slovacia. Trendul neconventional a ajuns si in Romania. Randurile urmatoare se citesc pe propria raspundere.

“At an ecological deposit, dogs and crows should be starving to death”

Some 20 million euros have been spent in Bacau, through an ISPA program, partially co-financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to create an efficient waste management system in the county residence and 22 adjoining villages. Among many unknowns, the only constant is the 600 tons of garbage daily swallowed by the current deposit. And the money dumped in the accounts of the “wise guys” in charge of technical assistance and project execution.

Epilogue: Wolves in sheep clothing

The waste management system in the south eastern town of Braila eludes all the objectives of the national strategy in the field. All the waste collected from residents gets dumped at an ecological deposit build by the company of a former county prefect, as part of a business scheme that has settled a monthly tax for the people of 6.7 lei. The money collected through this tax imposed by the local council is then “fatherly” distributed to three private operators.